Designing custom profile.

Aluminum systems and products have become a major component of modern architecture, construction, furniture, ship building, and medicine. The use of aluminum in both construction and furniture is rapidly increasing. Aluminum possesses a set of essential advantages such as durability, esthetics, its light weight, usability, excellent noise isolation and thermal insulation, fast installation, and fire resistance.

Various modular compositions using aluminum profiles have been successfully used in window and door designs, translucent roofs, facades of buildings, office and inter-room partitions, sliding wardrobes, kitchens, show-windows, greenhouses and winter gardens, attics and porches, and also non-standard construction designs.

INTEGRA EURASIA ALUMINIUM GROUP is a design group that offers services in design and calculation of aluminum systems and designs. We also offer services in various other related branches, depending on your specifications.

We also offer other related services such as design, production of matrixes according to executive drawings, production, galvanic or other processing, and delivery of finished goods to your warehouse.

100% Quality and Satisfaction Guaranteed.