Upon receipt of your completed order form, your application is verified and confirmed (sent by e-mail).

Term of production of the order is defined (terms can fluctuate depending on load of the enterprise from 30 to 40 business days. If products are in stock, shipment is made within 2-7 business days. Date is specified in the form of request). Following is a bill indicating bank details to proceed with payment.

Attention: there is a time limit from the moment of your payment to receipt of money. Most of the time it depends on the bank, but typically a transaction must be completed between 1 to 5 business days after payment. If during this period there is a change in price of aluminum at the exchange of more than 0.2%, then your request is recalculated and resent to you. This is a standard procedure. At this stage you must pay a deposit of 30% from the total cost of the order. 

Attention: please send a bank confirmation as proof of payment – using SWIFT (standard bank document). Production will begin as soon as payment is received. When the process of production for your order is completed, your production then passes through the quality control department. At this point you will receive proof of a successful quality control test and will there after pay the rest of the 70%.

Your total price includes the cost of additional packaging of profiles.

It is 50$ US per ton of profile. It will be indicated in a separate section of the request form.


Information and technical support: